Get To Know The Perennial Achiever

501 Words of Somewhat Poetic Introduction To Yours Truly

My name is Iqbal Hussain and I like to call myself The Perennial Achiever.

I am a lot of things – Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO, Reader, Writer, Poet, Learner, Explorer, Nature Lover, Foodie, Martial Artist, Free Runner and a lot more.

But if I were to sum it all up, I am The Defier of ‘The System’.

I don’t like riding the wave of “this is how they do it”, I’m of the kind who take the charge and say “this is how it’s done".

I like discipline but I don’t like routine.

I like to work hard but I don’t like being a labor.

I like defining the definitions of every aspect of my life, rather than accepting the definitions of someone else just because “that’s what everyone does".

I learn from other people’s mistakes & failures, but I also make mistakes of my own, experience failures of my own, because there’s no better teacher in life than your own life experiences.

I like to seek my own truth rather than believing in something just because someone else does.

Can you ever really believe in something until you’ve truly experienced it?

I heart life and I heart those seemingly tiny things that often get overlooked.

I slow it down so I can catch up.

I pull back so I can push forward.

I observe so I don’t miss.

I find beauty in simplicity.

I find depth in austerity.

I find clarity in sophistication.

I live to serve.

I live to create & radiate happiness.

I live to make the best out of my life because I see life as a blessing so big, that you can never be grateful enough for it.

My existence is not any less or more special than anyone else’s.

I’m a human being just like any other.

I have one AIM and many dreams, but that’s not what makes me unique.

What makes me unique is that I want to traverse my journey in my own way, even if ‘Obstacles’ is the name of my way.

I don’t give in; I don’t give up; why even begin if you can’t keep up?

I am a student and a teacher.

I am a practitioner and a preacher.

I guide when I know, and I learn when I don’t.

I don’t rest on laurels.

I believe in life-long growth.

There’s enough time to lay still when I’m gone, but while I’m here I’ll keep moving on.

I do pause and breathe.

I do stop and sleep.

But after every long breath and at every daybreak, I stand up and heave.

I Never Gave Up and I Never Will, my death would be my only stand still.

I achieve because I am a believer; and that is why I call myself, The Perennial Achiever.

My Journey So Far

March 22, 2015 (The Beginning)

  • Started the journey of building the life of my dreams with a simple blog.
  • Made $2.5 in my first year through adsense but never received it because the BigG banned my account.
  • Without any SEO know-how, my blog was among the Top 5 million blogs in the world. (Nothing amazing, but it was for me.)


  • After learning from the mistakes made in my first year, I launched another blog with a more focused approach and a defined audience. Everything was going great.
  • 9 months down the road, a Turkish script-kiddie hacked my blog for no reason. I didn't have any backup and my hosting providers couldn't help either.
  • Tried to restart, but the situations in my life didn't allow me to.


  • Started more than 20 different businesses, in different industries. All of them failed. Not even one made any profit whatsoever.
  • Went into depression.


  • Had a near-death experience in February that shook me to the core, and forced me to rise up before it's too late.
  • Used all I had learned in past years, created a free webinar, gave away 30-minute of free consultation to 30 people and then later pitched them paid consulting for $5,000/hr.
  • Didn't expect a single YES. Surprisingly enough, 7 people agreed. From nothing to $35,000 in 15 days.
  • Decided to not go ahead with it because I felt like an impostor, even though I actually got people results through free consultations. Gave myself excuses and made myself believe in them.


  • Spent almost entire year on self-education, getting back on track, and reclaiming my deteriorated health.
  • In October, launched a premier invite-only digital marketing agency, Norm Defiers, to defy the norms surrounding marketing and marketing agencies as a whole.
  • In November, launched a small-business marketing agency, Sal Geeks, on the side. Scaled it to 5-figures/month in less than 90 days using only cold emails.

2020 (On-going)

  • Sold Sal Geeks in March for 6-figures in a private deal.
  • While many agencies struggle to get new or retain their old clients due to economic downshift which got accelerated by global pandemic, Norm Defiers is fully booked till March 2021.

That's not the entirety of my journey, honestly, it's not even the surface of it.

The purpose of this page isn't to tell you every minute detail of my journey, but to show you the gist of it. Otherwise everything above is truly an understatement.

I will reveal all my lessons, experiences, struggles, setbacks, failures, and everything else, gradually, through stories, so that they create an actual impact.

All I can say is that, it's just the beginning. There's a lot to come, a lot that is planned, a lot that will be revealed, albeit, in stages.

I don't want my name to be another rehash, I want it to be a legacy that will never be matched.

What I'm doing today is what I intended to do when I started back in 2015.

It took 5 years to just gain the confidence to finally start. But then I realize, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

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