"Learn to find PRESENCE of something in the absence of something else.

A mind that can find ABUNDANCE in scarcity is a mind that is never needy."

~ Iqbal Hussain (The Perennial Achiever)

Who Am I?

My name is Iqbal Hussain, and I like to call myself The Perennial Achiever.

I started on my journey to build the life of my dreams back in 2015 with a simple blog.

(Fun fact - For a long time I believed I started in 2014 :P)

It took me 5 years, more than 20 failed businesses, endless rejections, a near-death experience, gobs of mockery, and a long bout with depression & impostor syndrome to FINALLY succeed.

After all the rain, there came a rainbow, and it made the entire journey, WORTH IT!

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